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The first Pointe-Claire water treatment plant was inaugurated in 1918.

Forty years later, in 1958, the increasing needs of our growing population and fast expanding industrial park required the building of a second plant with a capacity of 18,000 m per day. That capacity was upgraded to 36,000 m per day in 1963 followed by 63,000 m per day in 1969.

In 1975, major renovations raised this capacity to 118,000 m per day.

In 1990, to increase water supply to our ever-expanding industrial sector, a booster station was built in the North end of Pointe-Claire, with a reserve capacity of 9,090 m per day.

Two years later, in 1992, the plant's reserve capacity was increased to 30,910 m per day and its distribution capacity raised to 236,400 m per day.

In 1996, a second intake pipe of 1,800 mm diameter is added in the lake as well as a new screening process building.

In 2003, work slated to update the production systems served to increase the plant's daily capacity to 181,700 m per day.

In 2008, renovation to enhance production quality increased the decantation capacity from 190,900 m to 227,000 m per day.

1918 In Pointe-Claire, the very first municipal water treatment plant was built in 1918. It had a capacity of 4,500 m3 per day.
1955 The City builds the water tower, which still exists today on Duke of Kent Avenue.
1958 In order to meet the requirements of an ever-increasing population and fulfill the needs of a booming industrial park, a second plant is built with a capacity of 18,000 m3 per day.
1963 The capacity of the latter is increased to 36,000 m3 per day. Three years later, the first water treatment plant, by then outdated, is taken out of service.
1969 Construction of a new addition to the existing plant increases production capacity to 63,000 m3 per day.
1975 Significant renovations are undertaken to increase capacity to 118,000 m3 per day.
1990 A boosting station is built in Pointe-Claire's industrial park, providing a reserve capacity of 9,090 m3.
1992 Reserve capacity of the plant is increased to 30,910 m3 and its distribution capacity raised to 236,400 m3 per day.
1992 Installation of a third power-generating unit of a capacity of 2,000 kW brings the total capacity of the group to 3,400 kW.
1996 A second water intake pipe, with a diameter of 1,800 mm, is installed and a new screening room built.
2003 Work slated to update the production and distribution of water, increased the plant's capacity to 181,700 m3 per day.
2008 Renovation to enhance production quality, increased the decantation capacity to 227,000 m per day.