Satursday, January 28th 2023


Effective January 1, 2014, the Pointe-Claire Water Production Plant will be operated by the Montréal urban agglomeration, which is responsible for water management throughout the territory of the island of Montréal.

There are many benefits of this transfer, including:
  • Integrated management of the production of the six drinking water plants
  • More secure water supply by having one single authority manage the various distribution networks
  • Standardization of practices in managing risks and impacts
  • A more united front in facing emergency situations
  • Pooling of specialized resources
  • Economies of scale for operating expenditures
For residents: no change
  • The operations at the plants will continue with the same personnel.
  • No water treatment changes
  • Continued fluoridation of the drinking water
In this site

Created to provide information about the quality of the water we produce and distribute, this site may also be consulted to access the data on the quality of the water and the data on consumption updated each week.

For more information on water management: (in French)