Tuesday, December 6th 2022

Quality Control
All water produced by the Pointe-Claire water production plant strictly complies with all the requirements of the ministere de l'Environnement du Quebec. In fact, not only do we comply to these quality standards, but whenever technically possible, we try to exceed these requirements. To that end, Pointe-Claire's water production plant was signed up with the Partnership for Safe Water program (Programme d'excellence en eau potable).

Water Quality Standards :

What is Partnership for Safe Water?
It is a joint venture of the American Water Works Association (AWWA, the Quebec chapter is named Reseau environnement), the Americal Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and four other American organizations. Almost 300 surface-water filtration stations in the United States and approximately 22 in Quebec are members of Partnership for Safe Water. The purpose of this programme is to make drinking water even safer by implementing preventive measures far above existing regulations. The aim is to generate optimum performance from filtration stations through direct employee involvement, with a view to increasing protection particularly against microbiological contamination. Pointe-Claire's water production plant has been a participant in this programme since 2003.

At the Water production Plant
Water quality is monitored throughout the purification process. To ensure that our quality standards are achieved, numerous continuous monitoring stations are installed along the treatment line. This allows for immediately detection of any change in the quality of raw water and the ensuing application of appropriate corrective measures. As the clean water leaves the plant, its quality is carefully monitored.

The monitoring stations are all connected to an alarm system and our technicians are immediately alerted of any change in water quality. A lot of effort has been invested to detect and correct any system failure before it has a chance to affect water quality.

Along the Distribution Network
Every week, a qualified technician takes water samples along the entire network served by the Pointe-Claire water production plant. 25 relevant areas have been pre-selected for this sampling. As prescribed by regulations, the 25 samples are sent each week to a laboratory accredited by the ministere de l'Environnement du Quebec. The samples are analysed to detect total coliform bacteria and fecal coliforms. The samples are analyzed the very day they are taken and the lab is bound by law to transmit immediately any results showing the slightest water contamination, to the people in charge of the water network and to the ministere de l'Environnement du Quebec.

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Physico-chemical Control
Different physico-chemical parameters are analysed at different intervals, between one and twelve times per year.

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